11 Day Tagalong Tour at Windeyer 

29th September - 12th October 2019

Private property 11 Days of Prospecting

Tagalong 11 Days Gold Prospecting Tour NSW

29th September - 12th October 2019

Arrive on the 29th September and depart on the 12th October, this allows 11 full days prospecting and a day off in between for people to recharge, go shopping etc..

You willl be camping on Gold'n'Goats near Windeyer. Each day we will travel to private property and be detecting historical gold bearing ground. Sedan and onroad vans will be able to access the camping area. There are no facilities at Gold'n'Goats so you either need to be self sufficient or visit the carvan park for showering etc.. for a small fee.  You are welcome to  stay at the Bushlands Caravan Park in Windeyer and drive out to meet up each morning. If you dont have a four wheel drive then we will be able to fit you into one of our vehicles. It is preferrable that we take the least amount of vehicles as possible onto the properties.

Please be aware there are no services including no phone service where you will be camping on Gold'n'Goats. Sometimes on top of a hill you may get some phone service or you can drive down the road and get service.

We start each day at 7:30 am and usually finish up around 4:30pm. You will need to bring lunch, drinks and snacks and your detecting equipment each day.

 There is a Minelab Store in Mudgee which is approx 40 kms away if you need equipment.

We will have a limited amount of Detectors for hire which would be an added cost of $55 per day. All equipment needed for detecting, when hiring a detector from us, is supplied

September onwards is warmer weather snake guards must be worn as a preventative. Handheld radios are recommended.

Until the weather and conditions are obvious at that time of the tour campfires may or may not be permitted.

The Golden Fleece Hotel in Windeyer has meals and cold beverages if you wanted a night on the town, approx 9kms from the camping area.

Cost is $1750 per person (non detecting partners are welcome to camp but unfortunately wont be able to attend the private properties due to numbers and overheads)

What you need to provide:-

  • Accommodation ie. Own caravan, campervan, tent or swag

  • Camping accessories such as camp showers/toilets

  • Food, water and cooking implements

  • Transport

  • Metal detector and prospecting equipment

  • Clothing, toiletries

Tagalong 11 Day Tour 29th Sept - 12th October 2019


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